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Dear Friend,

As I have  been preparing to move on to a new place, I have contemplated my time here – my current home.

Twelve years.  It has been “home” to me longer than any other area.  I never exactly knew how to answer the question of where I was from while growing up without disclosing the various locations my family had lived. Home has never been one place.

But here, where I graduated high school, took college classes, met my husband, and had children… it is here that I have made a home that is cushioned with a thousand memories.

This place is home because of the people who share those memories with me.

And I want to say something to you, dear friends.

Thank you.  I shared a sweet, passing season with some of you.  I will share a lifetime with others.  All of you have touched and impacted my life and, for that, I am grateful.

I specifically want to thank the friends who have walked beside me during the hard times in the past year or two.  I haven’t always been easy to love. You saw the ugly in my personal life and heart.  You cried with me.  You encouraged.  You challenged me in my walk of faith. You loved enough to tell me the things I needed to hear.  You chose to walk through the valley with me.

You have shown me what it to be a friend. We have confided in and trusted each other with our secrets. We have been silly and laughed until we cried. You have gone the extra mile to encourage, support, and listen. You don’t just say you will, but you really pray for my family and me.

Friendship is a two way street.  Life is crazy for us all.  The daily demands are endless. Even in the really hectic times where all we could spare is a quick message to touch base, you never let being busy be an excuse. You have proven that one really does make time for the things and ones we care about in life.

God has used you to shape and grow me for the better.

As I prepare to make new friends, I want you to know this:  You will always hold a special place in my heart.  I will be a better friend to others because of your influence.

This place is not just a place.  It will always be a home.  You are the reason.

I love you, friend.

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