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Choose Joy

Yesterday the boys and I invited Gigi to go with us to an apple orchard.  Super W’s school theme for the week was all about apples so we were really looking forward to our field trip.

It was a beautiful day.  The leaves were practically glowing in the sun and the clear blue sky seemed to stretch on forever.  After days of clouds and rain, we were excited to spend some time in the crisp fall air.


The boys always look forward to the big pumpkins that are placed near the entrance of the orchard.  Our pictures of them next to the pumpkins each year are some of my favorites.  For now, the boys look so small in comparison!


We made our way out to the apple trees to find the perfect apples.  Every tree was loaded!


The boys were meticulous in searching for the “perfect” apples and even tasted a few.


Doesn’t it look like we had an ideal afternoon?  Pictures can be deceiving.  I’m going to share a real mommy moment with you.  It was whine city.  I spent most of my time correcting bad attitudes and behaviors.  What should have been a fun outing together, quickly turned into a stressful trip that was anything but picturesque.

Instead of choosing to focus on the delight of the experience, the kids made choices that resulted in them (and everyone around them) not having as much fun.  I let it affect my mood and outlook as well.

I don’t share this honest look into our lives to shame my kids. Don’t we, as adults, often do the same thing?  We choose to focus on the negative.  We whine.  We complain.  Who knows what we’re missing in the meantime.

Yesterday was a reminder to me that I am called to “do everything without complaining and arguing” (Philippians 2:14-15). To quote Winston Churchill, “Attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference.”

Today is a new day. I will choose an attitude and heart of joy.  A smile is a good place to start.


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