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Children of Uganda

This past Sunday we had some very special visitors at our church.  The Uganda Kids Choir blessed us with their presence and shared a bit of their country with us through music and dancing.  Their energy and joy was infectious and it is impossible to witness them worshiping God without being forever impacted.


From looking at their huge smiles, one would not guess that they come from harsh backgrounds of extreme poverty. As we sit in the comfort of our homes with many luxuries at our fingertips, most of us can not even begin to imagine the hardships that these children have experienced.  Most of our “problems” are nothing in comparison.

I wrapped my arms around my four year old as he sat in my lap and watched the Ugandan children dance and lift their sweet voices to the Father.  I couldn’t help but think of who they represented back home.  They are children like mine who have no one to kiss their foreheads, make sure they have something to eat, or to tuck them in at night.  They are children who must grow up too quickly.


Though the children I met on Sunday came from a hopeless background, God made a way for them through Childcare Worldwide.  Childcare Worldwide provides you and me with the opportunity to sponsor a child for $40 a month.

Their website states, “You can change the life of a child by empowering them with an education that leads to employment. Our program pays for the children’s uniforms, books and school fees all the way through trade school. Each child also receives individualized attention and participates in Christian Character Development lessons, equipping them to change their communities by helping end corruption.”

I’m happy to say that each of the children that I met on Sunday are sponsored.  They are some of the most loving, grateful, and affectionate children that I have ever met.  (Have I mentioned how energetic they were too?!)


You can give hope to children just like these all around the world through sponsorship.  Also, look into having your church host the choir.  I can tell you all about it, but there is nothing like seeing them in person!

Take a moment to like and follow the Uganda kids choir on Facebook or their blog.  Also check out Childcare Worldwide and pray about how you might make a difference in the life of child.  If nothing else, spend some time today in prayer for the children, the workers, and the people of Uganda.

*Photos courtesy of Tim Drury.  

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