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Celebrating THIRTY Years!

Last weekend I turned THIRTY!  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I thought thirty was “old.” It’s funny how that changes through the years!  I was afraid that ending the decade of my twenties might be a melancholy event but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The weekend began with a dear friend, Sasha, who took me out for a “girl” day.  We had a blast goofing off together!

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Later that night, I got to open a box from another dear friend, Lyndsey, who lives in another state.  It was filled with individually wrapped goodies.  It was such a fun gift to open and a great way to end the last day in my twenties!

The next morning was the big day!  The boys woke up early with excitement because they had made adorable cards for me and had picked out birthday gifts on their own.  I LOVED seeing what they choose and the way they get excited when I wear their gifts! Last year, W gave me a scarf with “pirate” skulls all over it.  His tastes matured a bit more this year! ;)



Eric had told me not to make any plans on the day of my birthday and I had no idea what he might have up his sleeve.  We dropped the boys off at my parent’s house shortly before noon and headed out for our adventure.  He took me to a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go to for quite awhile.  We were seated right next to the fireplace and had a view of the lake that the restaurant overlooks.  It is always a treat to share a meal over uninterrupted conversation together!

We finished and headed to the next surprise – an outdoor ice skating rink!  I love ice skating but hadn’t been in over fifteen years.  Eric has never shared the desire to go skating and it was something we had never done together.  It was so much fun!  There is something about skating outside that makes it even more enjoyable! There was a huge outdoor fire pit that we visited when we started to get cold too.



We went to pick up the kids and Eric shocked me with a small party with family and our church life group!

It touched my heart to see how much thought and effort he put into making my 30th birthday something that would be so memorable.  (I love you, Babe!)

I have debated whether or not to share this next bit due to fear of coming across as proud or boastful.  But, because this blog is one way that I’m choosing to document personal memories, I wanted to write it down.  There are so many people in my life who give generously and are very “others” oriented.  I pray for God to give me that kind of heart. This was one way in which I wanted to put it into practice.  To celebrate my birthday, I wanted to do 30 random act of kindness throughout the month of January.  We do this with the boys for their birthdays and I think it’s one of our favorite birthday traditions. I would highly recommend it to anyone.  It is truly better to give than receive.

30 Random Acts of Kindness

1) Send someone an encouraging note

2) Share an inspiring quote

3) Share a meal

4) Go the extra mile for a parent

5) Send a note to someone who has inspired me

6) Give someone a hug

7) Take the time to talk to an elderly friend

8) Encourage another mother that I cross paths with in public

9) Compliment someone

10) Let someone go in line before me

11) Mail a card to a friend just because

12) Thank a veteran

13) Compliment my husband in front of someone else

14) Make a point to talk to someone I don’t know

15) Play one of Eric’s video games with him

16) Surprise a Sunday School class with a breakfast treat

17)  Make someone a scarf

18) Leave a small gift for someone to find at the library

19)  Take coffee to someone

20) Make a baked good for someone

21) Leave a nice note for someone to find

22) Send a funny ecard to a friend

23) Surprise Eric and the boys with a special treat after dinner

24) Thank a policeman for their service

25) Call a friend I haven’t spoken to in awhile and let them know I’m thinking of them

26) Pray with a friend

27) Surprise the kids with notes on the pillows

28) Surprise Eric with a fun, unexpected gift

29) Take the time to really listen to what someone else is going through

30) Make eye contact and smile with someone who looks upset or sad (fyi – they lit up when I did)

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