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But God.

As you know, our family has been going through some big transitions.

Eric began a new job in a different state at the end of November while the boys and I remained behind. He didn’t have a place to live BUT GOD provided Eric with a temporary room when mutual friends opened their home to him.

After making two whirlwind trips to our new state to house hunt with Eric, we were unable to find a home we loved.  BUT GOD led Eric to a home that exceeded our hopes and we will close on it in just a few days.  The boys and I have yet to see the house in person (we have had pictures) but we couldn’t be more excited!

Many have questioned what it was like to purchase a house without both of us seeing it, but I can honestly say that it has been a good thing for us.  It was a test of my faith in my husband, and a boost for Eric to witness my trust in him.

As we were going through the process of purchasing a home in our new state, we were desperately praying that God would sell our former house. I will not pretend that I didn’t worry or feel stressed. (My closest friends could attest to the many tears and total freak out moments I have had over the past few months! HA!) Our family being apart amidst the ups and downs of hoping for our house to sell made it all the more difficult.

BUT GOD, after only two and a half months of the house being on the market, gave us a contract.  If all continues to go well, we will close at the end of February.  If the contract falls through, we are confident that God will work it all out in good time.

Learning to lean on God and trusting Him… it has been a season of testing and growth.

BUT GOD gave us the sweetest gift during this time of challenges through the outpouring of love and encouragement from so many of our family and friends.  What a blessing it is to experience such love and support!

We have been prayed over consistently, had people cook meals, had help watching the kids, and had people complete needed projects that I couldn’t do on my own.  Words could never adequately express our thanks, but the names and faces of those special individuals will forever hold a place in my heart.

The moving truck will arrive soon.  We will be saying our “see you laters” to our family and friends here.

It is a bittersweet time.  Though I am deeply saddened to leave this place, I am ready and excited to begin a new chapter once our family is reunited!

We can’t wait to share our adventures with you on the NEW street where we will live!

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