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Bunk Beds

Once upon a time, my sister and I woke up one morning in new beds – bunk beds to be exact. My dad, who loves working with wood, had secretly made them for us and surprised us by putting us in the bunks one night while we were sleeping. The astonishment of waking up in the bunks for the first time is one of my favorite childhood memories.

It has thrilled me that the boys have used the beds for the past few years (the bunks can be taken apart and used separately which is what we’ve been doing).  

W has been asking for bunk beds for several months and so we surprised him and H with a bed transformation! Their reactions were fantastic.


They both scampered up to the top as quickly as they could and were fascinated with being able to touch the ceiling.


The reason we delayed putting the bunk bed together was our youngest, L.  He is our climber, thrill-seeker, accident-waiting-to-happen little guy!  The ladder is easily removed and, since that is enough to keep him from climbing his personal Mount Everest, we decided it was time to fulfill Wyatt’s wish.

The first thing that L said when he saw the beds was, “I CLIMB, I CLIMB!”  (That was about the time this Momma’s heart stopped.)  He had no trouble getting up – as long as the ladder was there!


The bunk beds brings back so many great memories from when my sister, brother, and I were kids.  One of our favorite things to do was to hang blankets from the top bunk and transform the bottom into a cave. The boys love going that too!


I doubt my dad could have foretold how a few pieces of wood and lots of hard work would come to mean so much to his children and grandchildren!  Some things truly are priceless.


This post was written last week and scheduled to be published today.  There was a major development over the weekend though.

It was Saturday afternoon and I heard L run into W and H’s room.  He was only in there for a few minutes but the silence made me suspicious.

Was he sneaking treasures from the boy’s treasure boxes?  Was he coloring on the wall? Could he be pulling clothes out of the drawers?  Oh, no, it wasn’t anything that mundane.  I walked into the room and there was Little L sitting, proud as a peacock, on the top bunk.  I did a double take at my surroundings.  The ladder was still safely tucked away in the hall closet.  L was still gloating from the top bed.

He had scaled the foot of the beds.

L: 1.  

Mommy: 0

I took him down and began to devise my next plan of attack.  It wasn’t long before the perfect solution presented itself.

Enter: The Door Knob Cover Strategy.

Objective:  Make it impossible for Levi to access the forbidden climbing tower and prevent a trip to the ER.


To date, my mission has been highly successful.  It has been a great plan.

Though… not everyone appreciates it!


P.S – I find humorous that his shirt says, “Tough Guy.”  Poor baby.  

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