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Beautiful Hands

It took many years before Eric's Grandma, MawMaw, and I would meet. I remember being so nervous the first time he introduced us, but getting to know her was like coming home. She isn't just Eric's grandmother - she's mine too.

Distance makes sitting around the white and red table in her kitchen a rare privilege but, when we're there, the movement of Mawmaw's hands always captures my attention. I've had the privilege of watching her hands work, create, cook, fix, soothe, assure, and love over the years

I pray God will give me hands that look like hers - hands that give words meaning. With her hands she welcomed me to her table. With her heart she accepted me as one of her own.

Mawmaw's hands will always be beautiful to me because they are reflection of her heart.

I love you, MawMaw. Thank you for the priceless gift of your love and the example you've set before me with your hands.

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