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Be Our Guest


When we moved into the new house, we gave the boys the option to each have their own room.  I was so pleased when the oldest two (who shared a room in our previous home) did not want to be separated.  I have many fond memories of laying in bed talking late into the evening with my sister in the room we shared growing up.   I hope the boys have similar recollections someday.

Keeping them together gave us a spare room to accommodate visiting family and friends.  I couldn’t wait to work on the space.  Our house house is loud (especially when the boys are hyped up with the excitement of having guests), so I wanted to create a welcoming and calming retreat for those visiting our home.

There was plenty of leftover paint from the writing room and the color went well with some navy blue throw pillows that my mom gave me. After the walls were painted, I began piecing the room together.  I love the finished result. So, come on in and take a look!



a metal cart from Ikea that hadn’t found a place in our new home until I decided it would be perfect for holding essentials guests might need.  A few coats of spray paint later, it graced the corner of the room.


I had fun finding art and printables for the room.  The piece above the bed was from my mom as she no longer needed it (thanks, Mom).  The coral canvas print above the cart was a $2 clearance find at Walmart (score).  The rest of the art were free printables that I found on Pinterest!  (Don’t you love Pinterest?!)

As I sat with Spock at the hospital earlier than expected a few weeks ago (and my parents drove through the night to come),  I was grateful that a bedroom was already prepared for them.  It was one less thing to fuss with or give instructions about while our son needed professional care.

So, friends, should you ever be in the area, be our guest!

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