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Back to School

The pending approach of summer’s end has meant that it is time to begin our 2015-16 school year!  We were excited to begin.  It was fun to reorganize our school room for two students instead of one this year.

We began a few weeks ago.  The boys were given new shirts for their first day the night before (a tradition that I plan to follow as long as they like it).  We had a special breakfast and pictures before it was time to begin.  On the first day of school, I sent the boys out one door to “go to school.”  They walked around to the other door where their teacher was ready for them (idea borrowed from Mrs. Gore’s Diary).

Spock is now in the first grade!  I decided to combine different curriculum this year instead of using one.  We are continuing with Math-U-See, but everything else is new.  Other subjects include grammar/reading, spelling, history/geography, handwriting, Bible, art, and science.  I was thrilled to offer to the science to him as a fun extra because that is his favorite.

Stitch is in preschool.  I put much emphasis on hands-on activities for him.  I am amazed at how attentive and involved Stitch is this year.  He loves school time!

Jack-Jack loves school time too.  I rotate toys and have different activities to offer him as well.  The challenge for me is that his attention span is so short and he is very active.  I think the key to gain Jack-Jack’s cooperation is to make him feel involved.

Did I mention that we have a school mascot?  He usually sleeps in a box right next to the desks.

I look forward to watching he boys learn and grow this year!

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