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Arm Knitting Scarves (A Christmas Gift Idea)

Have you heard about arm knitting or seen it on Pinterest?  You literally knit with your arms as the only tool and it’s easy!


(Sorry, I realize that the picture above is extremely poor in quality.  It’s just difficult to take a decent picture when yarn is hanging from both arms. :) )

The moment I saw the pin, I knew I had to try it.  I love wearing scarfs and the different look of these in particular.  There are various blog posts with instructions on how to do it, but I liked this one because it has a video to demonstrate each step.

True to claims, once you get the hang of arm knitting, it takes about 30 minutes to make one. Unless, of course, you mess up and have to start over again (which may have happened once as I worked on the last few rows of one).  Contrary to the video, I do not make mine as wide as suggested.  I think 7 to 9 rows work well, but that boils down to personal taste.

I have bought yarn at Walmart (make sure you get chunky yarn for this scarf).  You’ll need two rolls and, depending on what kind of yarn you buy, the scarf will cost as little as six to eight dollars.


With Christmas right around the corner, arm knitting gives a unique and personal twist on a somewhat common gift idea!

Happy knitting!


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