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Almost Home

***Because this blog is public and there is no way for me to know who might be reading, I have chosen to keep certain details of our family private to ensure our security.  I hate to be that way but this is the world we live in.  Therefore, I will not be disclosing our specific location.  If you know our family personally, please keep that in mind if you choose to leave a comment here or on the blog’s Facebook page.  Thank you!***

If you have been following the blog, you know that our family recently made a move to a new state.  How did we wind up here?  Well, it’s amazing what can happen in a year.

A year ago last week, I had posted this to my personal Facebook page: “Would you pray for Eric today? It’s a really big day at work. Lots of changes going on at his workplace & many of the men will be out off a job by the end of the week for no fault of their own (those families need prayer too). Though his job is secure for now, we’re asking God for direction concerning the future of Eric’s career.”

Even before that day, we both had the feeling for awhile.  Change was in the air.  We didn’t know in what form it would be manifested, but we knew something was coming.

As the situation at Eric’s work place continued to deteriorate, he searched for a new job.  It wasn’t his first time to try and, as he had previously done, Eric looked locally. Those doors remained firmly closed. We continued praying that God would lead us to where He wanted us to go, but we started to understand that relocation was a likely scenario.

Looking back, it’s funny. Prior to this, I had participated in a group study that took us through the Bible in seven weeks.  Of all the things that stuck out the most, the life of Abraham struck a cord with me. His faith to go wherever God led despite not knowing the end destination is incredible.  I prayed that God would give me such faith while never anticipating God answering my prayers through a literal move.

As Eric continued searching out options, I started praying, “If we have to leave this area, please send us south!”  My phone rang one day and Eric said, “Michigan is on the table.” Drat, a cold place.  Of course.  God’s sense of humor can sometimes have a way of hitting you in the face like a northern wind! You see, I really don’t like cold.  Driving in snow terrifies me.  I was pretty sure we already lived close enough to the North Pole!

But I knew it was serious when Eric was offered the job and he asked that we look at the area together.  We were praying that God would make His will clear that weekend. We loaded up the van and began the long drive.  We let the kids have their entertainment most of the way but, during the last hour, I declared it was time for adult music.  I set Pandora to shuffle its way through random lists of music genres.

We were within an hour of our destination. I remember driving up an incline, the colorful trees hugging the road, when the first song began. I didn’t recognize it so I asked Eric to tell me the title.  “Almost home,” he replied.  (To which I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding!”) The words danced through the stereo, “The road is wild, We’re holding on for life. Just you and me love, We are almost home” (Lyrics by Alex & Sierra).  My eyes welled up with tears because, in that moment, I knew.  That probably sounds silly, but I fail to know how else to describe the recognition my heart had as we explored, talked, and prayed over those few days.

It was time accept changes and get the ball rolling in the right direction.

The process of our family moving to our new home was not what we anticipated.  It was more complicated and stressful than we had expected.  It was filled with many tears and moments of doubt that hardship brings.

As I sit in the quiet of our new home this morning, though, I look around with a grateful heart. A new season has begun.  Though everything is unfamiliar to us, we are together. It’s a luxury I am not taking for granted.  We are beginning to love this place and, though it does not yet feel natural to call it so, we are “home.”

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