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Advent with “The Ology”

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

For the past few years, we have used an advent reading plan from “The Jesus Storybook Bible” (by Sally Loyd-Jones) to prepare our hearts for Christmas. We have being using “The Jesus Storybook Bible as our morning reading in school and recently finished.

So, this year, we decided to change things up a bit for Christmas by using “The Ology” (by Marty Machowski)! “The Ology” is an excellent resource that helps children study God. I can’t recommend it enough for your family!

The story of Christmas began long before the stable. Comprehending God’s character and why he sent Jesus is the key to truly celebrating Christmas!

The daily readings are short enough that it isn’t too late to join us in using this resource as an advent reading plan the Christmas season, the guide is below!

December 1 – Page 226, “God’s Word is True”

December 2 – Page 13, “God Always Was and Always Will Be”

December 3 – Page 18, “God Created Everything Out of Nothing”

December 4 – Page 25, “God is in Control”

December 5 – Page 26, “God Knows All Things”

December 6 – Page 30, “God is Perfect”

December 7 – Page 35, “God Created Man and Woman in His Image”

December 8 – Page 40, “God Walked with Adam and Even in the Garden”

December 9 – Page 45, “Sin”

December 10 – Page 49, “Satan’s First Temptation”

December 11 – Page 53, “Sin Entered the World Through Adam”

December 12 – Page 57, “Sin Separates Us from God and from Each Other”

December 13 – Page 61, “Sin Always Bring Judgment”

December 14 – Page 65, “God’s Promise of Salvation”

December 15 – Page 66, “God Sent Adam and Eve Out of the Garden”

December 16 – Page 69, “Sin Spreads like Disease”

December 17 – “Page 73, “God Makes a Promise”

December 18 – Page 74, “God Keeps His Promise”

December 19 – Page 78, “The Ten Commandments of God”

December 20 – Page 82, “Breaking One Law Breaks the Whole Law”

December 21 – Page 85, “God’s Holiness Cannot Be in the Same Place as Sin”

December 22 – Page 89, “God Gave a Way to Cover Sin”

December 23 – Page 90, “Jesus Is the Sacrifice We Need”

December 24 – Page 95, “The Son of God Comes to Earth”

December 25 – Page 99, “The Son Stepped Off His Throne”

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