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A Day at the Museum!


We had been dreaming of the trip for months.  With great anticipation, we woke early and drove to a train station for a ride to Chicago.  We boarded the train and headed off on our family adventure!  The minutes ticked by quickly and little faces eagerly peered out the window to watch the rapidly changing scenery.


It wasn’t long before we stepped into the city for the first time!  We exited the train and peered up at the towering buildings in the near horizon.  People went this way and that – oblivious to the small family taking it all in with wonder.


We walked towards the museum and marveled at the beauty of the blue water of Lake Michigan dancing it’s way toward the shore. We stood at the bottom of the Field Museum steps and looked up at the majestic building. We were ready to explore!


*photo courtesy of Fox Chicago News

The first thing we all wanted to see was “Sue,” the T-Rex and the Fighting African Elephants.  All three were as delightfully ferocious as the boys had imagined!


The  boys wanted to visit the mummy exhibit.  They had to see it as soon as possible because it sounded wonderful to them and it was…right up until they saw the mummies! Excitement was soon replaced with fear and disgust.  As one of them told me later, “I thought I was going to puke in there!” Maybe their appreciation of Ancient Egypt and its mummies will grow in time (Eric and I certainly hope so because we wanted to stay in that area a lot longer)!


We moved on to the Children’s area.  The kids had fun looking at fossils, touching Dinosaur poop, and looking through a microscope while their mother behaved like the mature adult she is known to be.

museum collage.jpg

We were all excited to explore Dinosaur Hall and the impressive displays.  It was amazing to think of how big they actually were when they roamed the earth!


Going to “Africa” was another exhibit we longed to see and it did not disappoint. Eric and I might have enjoyed it even more than the kids!

If you’ve ever watched “The Ghost and the Darkness” then you have heard about the Lions of Tsavo.  The story fascinates me and I have wanted to go see those horrible lions since I first saw the movie years ago.  Finally, I had the opportunity! (It was really dark and crowded which made snapping a quick picture difficult, but not impossible though the quality is quite poor!)


There was so much to see at the museum and, even though we didn’t get to view everything, we left feeling thrilled over the experience!  We took the train back to our station,  devoured supper and ice cream on the way home (all that walking certainly worked up appetites for us), and were all in bed by 8 that night!

It was a wonderful day making memories.  We hope to explore more of the Windy City together in the future!

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