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365 Days of Prayer – A Challenge

We went to our small group at church yesterday and did something different. We broke up into various groups, shared how we had seen God answer our prayers over the last year, and thanked God together.

I don’t know the couples that we sat with as well as others. As we shared and prayed, I was struck with how it brought a sense of closeness. Praying with someone out loud results in a level of intimacy that is hard to explain, but incredible to experience.

From that, God gave me an idea for the coming year. Sharing this with you will require honesty from us, but it might benefit others who can relate. Confession time – Eric and I rarely pray together. It’s something that we’ve acknowledged needs to change, but we haven’t done it.

Ironically, this past Saturday Eric and I sat down and discussed what we might do to help us grow closer. “We need regular date nights,” was my thought. It’s true that it could help, but I think we have been missing the mark all along. If laying our hearts before God with others brings us closer to Him and one another, we are lacking a key ingredient to bring a deeper intimacy in our marriage.

On January 1st, we are going to start 356 days of praying together. We are going to keep a notebook to document our prayers and praises for each day. (Is it pathetic that I’m excited to go find a new notebook?) Doing this will require intentional perseverance and even planning because it’s not a habit for us yet. It might feel awkward at first. Life will happen and there will days when it will seem like there isn’t time. We won’t always feel like it, but we believe this is important.

Apart from seeing what God will do through this commitment, I am already excited at the thought of opening that notebook at the end of 2018. It will be incredible to look back and see how we witnessed God work and what we learned about Him. I’m curious to see how it will change our personal walks with God, our marriage, and (possibly) even our family.

Would you like to join us in a couple’s challenge of 365 Days of Prayer? The thought might be intimidating and I get that – which is why it might be beneficial for us to encourage one another in this journey!

Depending on the response to this idea, I might create a group or Facebook page were we can encourage and share the journey!

Who’s with us?

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