Hi, I'm Ashley.


I hate introductions - they always feel SO awkward. While I am a wife, mom, I love Jesus, and a good cup of coffee is my love language, I want you to see more than the surface. I grew up a Pastor and Missionary's kid (double trouble) but didn't understand the Good News until Jesus rescued me when I was in my early twenties. I had head knowledge but struggled to understand what faith looks like in the imperfect, nitty-gritty pieces of every day. That's what I strive to write about here - how to apply faith in real life. 

As wonderful as it might be, I can't sit face-to-face with most of you to share stories, laughs, tears, and hearts. But I'd like to imagine that we were doing just that when you come to this space. Imagine the two of us sharing a sofa and life while enjoying a cup or two of our favorite comfort drinks (because we can still be friends even if you don't like coffee). 

About Me

I want you to walk away feeling like you know a friend a little better. You're invited into the beautiful and messy of my life so that you can better see the Author. I hope you feel challenged and encouraged. We'll explore who God really is, find a better understanding of who we are in Him, and how we "do" faith in real life. I hope we grow together in our love for God and others.


from Ashley

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